What is Orthopaedics?

Orthopaedics is an area of medicine in which the focus is on the musculoskeletal system. This includes your bones, joints, ligaments, and other structures. As an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Moore routinely diagnoses and treats a variety of conditions, including injuries and osteoarthritis. Seeing an orthopaedic surgeon does not mean you absolutely need surgery. Treatment may involve medication, a prescription for physical therapy, injections, bracing, and other modalities before surgery is considered. While there are a number of conditions treated within the orthopaedic specialty, Dr. Moore specializes in knee and hip replacement procedures and has honed his surgical techniques over many years of training and clinical practice.

Does My Insurance Cover My Orthopaedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic surgeries like hip and knee replacements are performed to restore optimal movement and structural integrity to a damaged or injured joint. As such, they are medically necessary. Procedures considered necessary are typically covered by insurance. This does not mean that your private insurance provider will cover 100 percent of the costs associated with your surgery. If you have questions about your coverage amounts, copays, or other details related to your plan, we suggest that you contact your insurance company directly. Our friendly, experienced team is here to help you as much as possible.

Do I Need Pre-Authorization?

You might. Our team can help determine if your insurance company requires pre-authorization for one or more aspects of your treatment plan, and may submit all necessary documents electronically, directly to your insurance provider. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed of the progress of your authorization as needed so that you can schedule your surgery in the most timely fashion.

Do I Need a Second Opinion or a Referral Form?

We do not typically require referral forms for patients to schedule a visit with Dr. Moore. However, insurance companies might. It is best to check with your insurance provider directly regarding this issue. If your provider requires a referral, you will then contact your primary care physician to obtain the needed form or letter.

Is Therapy or Care Afterward Covered?

Physical therapy is a necessary aspect of your overall treatment plan. Working with a licensed physical therapist can help you regain strength around the joint that has been replaced, and may also help you improve your gait and flexibility. As an integral part of surgical recovery, physical therapy is usually covered by insurance. The amount of coverage and number of visits the insurance approves may vary based on the details of your policy. For this reason, it is advantageous to contact your insurance provider directly during the planning phase of your surgery. Again, our team has ample experience in dealing with insurance companies. They’re here to help you as needed!

For more information about Orthopaedic Services with Dr. Moore, contact our Pinehurst, NC office, call us at (910) 295-0224, or check out our orthopaedic surgery blog.