Learn about your Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement Surgery Options from Joint Specialist Dr. John Moore.

Joint pain can be debilitating, and prevent people from living the life they want. Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. John Moore wants to help you reclaim your lifestyle. Dr. Moore has been providing exceptional orthopaedic surgery care to the Albemarle, NC area for over 15 years. He is fellowship trained in complex hip replacement surgeryknee replacement surgery, and revision surgery. Also, Dr. Moore is board certified by the AAOS for orthopaedic surgery. Most importantly, he and his staff strive to provide personalized care for each patient and their journey. They have a unique approach to advanced healthcare including outpatient joint replacement procedures. Dr. John Moore and his staff look forward to assisting you with all of your orthopaedic needs.Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Surgery Albemarle, NC

Directions from Albemarle, NC

  1. Head West on NC-24 E/NC-27 W towards Biscoe
  2. In Biscoe turn onto South on I-74 towards Candor and Rockingham.
  3. Take Exit 44 in Candor.
  4. Turn Left onto NC Route 211 towards Pinehurst.
  5. Turn Left onto Memorial Dr. in Pinehurst.
  6. Turn Left onto 1st Village Dr.
  7. The Practice of Dr. John Moore will be on your left

Orthopaedic Procedures for Albemarle, NC

Outpatient Joint Replacement

After joint replacement surgery, we know you want to get back to your home in Albemarle as soon as possible. Outpatient joint replacement helps you to return home after one night in the hospital, as opposed to the typical three nights. Also, outpatient joint replacement has decreased infection rates, lower complication rates, and faster recovery times. Dr. John Moore has performed over 100 outpatient joint replacements in the past four years with ZERO hospital re-admissions after outpatient surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Has that pain in your knee become increasingly unbearable in the last few months? Does it stop you from enjoying your favorite activities? Stop letting the pain control your life. After undergoing a knee replacement surgery from Dr. John Moore, about 90% of patients have near complete pain relief. An artificial knee can last up to 25 years and often leads to an increased level of activity. Don’t let the pain continue to control you.

Hip Replacement

The decision to undergo hip replacement surgery is rarely spontaneous. It usually stems from gradually increasing pain or a hip fracture. However, the decision to have a hip replacement can significantly increase your activity level and overall happiness. Under the care of Dr. john Moore, most patients who receive an artificial hip report nearly no pain after the procedure. Reclaim the lifestyle you want.

What People Say About Us!

“He is easy to talk to, he listens and he is a good doctor. I trust him and his team and I would go back and I tell all my family and friends about him.”
– Gail W.

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If you have more questions about the services we offer to patients in the Albemarle, NC area, please contact our Pinehurst, NC office, call us at (910) 295-0224, or check out our orthopaedic surgery blog. We are excited to help you!

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