What is GetWell Anywhere?

GetWell Anywhere is a service to which you are invited by your doctor or hospital. It provides a way for us to stay connected with you throughout your treatment program. The user-friendly technology brings your and your care team together in a way that supports a more personable experience as well as optimal patient outcomes.

How Does GetWell Anywhere Work?

Everything about GetWell Anywhere has been designed for ease of use. Getting started is easy. It involves just a few steps. These include:

  • We'll send you an invitation to join GetWell Anywhere via text message or email. This will provide you with clear instructions to follow to start your account.
  • Once your account is set up, we'll be notified and can begin sending you messages regularly through the platform. This allows us to maintain close contact as you prepare for or recover from your procedure.
  • You may receive notifications from GetWell Anywhere when we've sent you a message. Don't worry, these notifications are secure and come only from us!

What are the Benefits of Using GetWell Anywhere for my Orthopaedic Care?

We love using GetWell Anywhere with our patients because it enables us to stay in closer contact without having to schedule extra visits to the office or field phone calls regarding questions or concerns. These can now be handled through the platform! Patient benefits of using GetWell Anywhere include:

  • You can ask questions of your care team through the app rather than having to call the office.
  • We can share important care instructions with you quickly and efficiently.
  • You may receive easily-accessible instructions or demonstrations of necessary rehabilitation exercises.
  • You receive quick, clear, and ongoing information that will guide you through every step of your surgical process.

Is GetWell Anywhere a Safe Way to Stay in Touch with My Healthcare Team?

We understand the concerns you may have about using an online app to maintain contact with our office and your healthcare team. GetWell Anywhere is designed to adhere to all federal privacy laws, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your information is protected by sophisticated technology. To access your platform, you will always be asked to log in to the fully secure website using the username and password you have set up when you activated your account. It is important to write down or save the username and password that you choose because, unlike some sites, these cannot be saved. You must enter them each and every time you log onto the platform. This is done to ensure that your private medical information is only accessed by yourself and your care team.

You Are Important. We stay in touch with our patients using GetWell Loop, an
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