3 Ways to Prevent Boating Accidents This Summer

If you and your family like to spend a lot of time out on Jordan Lake, then you must be excited that summer is finally here. Although Dr. John Moore likes boating just as much as the next person, he wants all of our patients to be as safe as possible while out on the water. With some patines coming in for treatment after a boating accident, he thought it would be a good idea to list some ways to avoid injury. But how?

Watch the Rope

Whether wakeboarding, tubing, or water skiing is your poison, be careful of that rope. If your wrist, ankle, or arm gets wrapped around the rope, it cannot only put you at risk of getting injured, but it can also pull a muscle, tear a ligament, or break a bone. Make sure that you are only using a straight rope, that doesn’t have kinks, and is new; that way, you can prevent it from getting tangled around you.

Keep Your Knees Bent

If you want to get even better at water skiing or wakeboarding this year, keep your knees bent. If you want to avoid getting a knee injury this summer while doing these sports, then keep your knees bent. Bent knees won’t just help stabilize you, but they will do prevent you from placing too much of a strain on joints and getting injured.

Take Breaks

If you have sore joints or if you just recovered from an injury that we saw you for, don’t be afraid to take some breaks while out on the lake. With so many beautiful summer day ahead, there’s no need to get burned out on the first day out of the water. Giving yourself a little bit of time to relax and breathe, will help you avoid getting injured.

North Carolina boating is one of the things that we do best. To make sure that you can get injured out on the lake this summer, use the tips listed in this article. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our Pinehurst office at 910.295.0224.

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