Do You Have Hip Bursitis?

hip bursitisHip bursitis is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the sacs found near the hip joint. These sacs, known as bursae, are fluid-filled and function to help cushion the joint and surrounding muscle, ligament, and other tissues.

Many diseases and injuries can present the same pain and symptoms of hip bursitis, so working with a specialist is the best way to ensure you’re diagnosed and treated properly. Understanding the symptoms of hip bursitis and working with an orthopaedic surgeon can help alleviate pain and bring relief.

How Do You Know If You Have Hip Bursitis? 

Hip bursitis can have symptoms that are non-specific to hip bursitis alone; however, here are the most common hip bursitis symptoms.

  • Joint pain that is severe enough to not allow walking
  • Inability to move the joint
  • Swelling and inflammation of the hip
  • Bruising in the hip area
  • Sharp, piercing pain that happens during exertion
  • A fever

Hip bursitis presents very similarly to other conditions, such as arthritis, tendonitis, undefined damage to the hip area, and even a hip fracture.. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable orthopaedic surgeon is the best way to receive a proper diagnosis.

How Is Hip Bursitis Treated? 

With proper diagnosis, treatment is possible. There are plenty of non-surgical treatments that your doctor may utilize. These can range from lifestyle changes to injections.

Your doctor may prescribe alterations to your daily lifestyle. For example, if you’re a runner, either taking a break for a while until symptoms alleviate or examining your running gait can lead to improvements in your hip bursitis.

Your doctor may also utilize non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that can help decrease inflammation. Coupled with examining the root cause of your hip bursitis, this may give you the opportunity to fully heal.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will be able to offer a variety of treatments that are tailored to you and your hip bursitis. In the event that a non-surgical intervention does not work, you may need surgery to remove the bursa. Under the hands of a good orthopaedic surgeon, your hip function and health won’t be affected.

Dr. John Moore Can Help Bring You Hip Pain Relief 

From diagnosis to treatment, hip bursitis is a condition that requires experience and knowledge. At Dr. John Moore’s offices located in North Carolina, you can expect experienced, professional care supplemented by decades of knowledge gained through practice and education. Board-certified Dr. Moore is certain to be able to bring pain relief to you. If you’ve been suffering from hip pain, make sure to call 910-295-0224 or schedule an appointment today.

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