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Outpatient orthopedic procedures are getting a lot of attention on a national scale. Studies indicate that there are several benefits associated with outpatient procedures. Arthroscopy is a technique that supports these benefits, allowing board-certified orthopedic surgeons to provide the highest level of care in the most conservative manner. Dr. John Moore has practiced as an orthopedic surgeon at Pinehurst Surgical for over two decades. His interest in patient-centered care drives him to utilize the very best surgical techniques.

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What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive surgical technique that is performed using special instruments. First is an arthroscope, which is a pencil-sized flexible tube with a camera on its tip. The arthroscope is connected to a video monitor that provides the surgeon with a clear view of the surgical field without the need for large incisions. The magnified view of the hip or knee joint allows the doctor to evaluate the area for damage, injuries, or abnormalities.

What Conditions Does Arthroscopy Treat?

Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. When performed on the knee, arthroscopy may diagnose or treat ligament tears, patella misalignment, cysts, fractures, and swelling in the synovium around the joint. When performed on the hip, this surgical technique may diagnose and treat impingement in the hip, tears in the cartilage of the hip joint, bone spurs, and other abnormalities or injuries.

Who is a Candidate for Arthroscopy?

Dr. Moore may recommend arthroscopy for you if you have pain or limited function in your knee or hip, his areas of specialty. This minimally-invasive procedure can provide the data that is needed to address symptoms that are not improving with non-operative treatments. Arthroscopy is typically not recommended for patients who may need knee or hip replacement. Most cases are focused on diagnosing and treating injuries due to collision or other trauma, overuse, or anatomical abnormalities that are causing discomfort and movement issues.

What Are the Benefits of Arthroscopy Surgery?

Arthroscopy is a preferred surgical approach primarily because it is the most minimally-invasive operative method practiced today. It is performed as an orthopaedic surgery outpatient procedure, which allows you to return home within hours to recover in a space that is comfortable and familiar. Because arthroscopy is performed through one or more very short incisions, there is less risk of infection and other complications. Finally, the recovery time associated with arthroscopy, even when repair is involved, is shorter than open surgical techniques.

Why is Arthroscopy Surgery Necessary?

You may be advised to have arthroscopy if you have symptoms like knee or hip pain that aren’t improving with nonsurgical remedies. This procedure is both diagnostic and reparative, if necessary. The primary purpose may be to diagnose or confirm your suspected diagnosis and, then, to make repairs if possible. Having arthroscopy may be the first step in fully understanding the need for a more comprehensive treatment plan that involves joint replacement. On the other hand, this minimally-invasive procedure may be all that is needed to repair the problem that is affecting your mobility and comfort level.

How is Arthroscopy Performed?

Arthroscopy is not an office procedure. Dr. Moore performs procedures at the Pinehurst Surgical Center in Pinehurst, NC, most often using regional or general anesthesia. To evaluate the joint up-close, the doctor inserts the pencil-thin arthroscope through a small incision. The flexible tube has a camera at its tip, which projects the image of your joint space onto a video monitor. Observing this, he can confirm the cause of your pain and other symptoms. If possible, the issue may be repaired during the same procedure. To do so, the doctor may make additional small incisions through which small instruments can be inserted. In some cases, the arthroscopic examination confirms that a broader scope of care is necessary. In these cases, the small incisions will be closed with a few stitches and you will return to the office to review your treatment options going forward.

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